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EasyOS Kirkstone-series version 5.4.8 released

July 19, 2023 — BarryK

Version 5.4.7 was released on July 13, 2023:

If you are a newcomer to EasyOS, recommend that you read the 5.4 announcement:

5.4.8 release notes:

Download, courtesy of ibiblio:

A fast mirror in Europe, courtesy of NLUUG:

As reported in recent blog posts, the menu now has entries for not-yet-installed apps, identified by an orange-ball icon. Ditto for EasyApps and EasySetup. For example, EasySetup has AQEMU and QtEmu, offered when I clicked on "Virtual Machines":


I clicked on AQEMU and it downloaded and installed, as well as the dependencies, including qemu.

I haven't actually used AQEMU and QtEmu yet, that is what we can investigate. Documentation for QtEmu is minimal, much more for AQEMU, for example here:

The forum now has a "Containers and VMs" sub-section:

All other Easy version-5.4.8-specific feedback welcome here:

Have fun!   

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