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gFTP and rtw89 version bumps

July 11, 2023 — BarryK

It was reported that sftp mode does not work in gFTP:

It was reported that the rtw89 kernel module does not work for "be" hardware variants:

There was a report that 'fbxkb' keyboard layout switcher tray-app does not work:

I think that the gFTP problem is fixed. I have compiled the latest source from here, in OE:

I have compiled the 5.15.120 Linux kernel, with the latest rtw89 source code from here, which supports more variants:

No luck with 'fbxkb'. I also tried 'gxkb'. In both cases, get an icon in the tray, showing the "US" flag, but unable to change the layout. Something must be missing that the apps are expecting to be there. Note, I compiled gxkb in OE, and it will be in the package repository in the next release of Easy, installable via PKGget -- in case anyone wants to have a go finding out what is wrong with it.     

Tags: easy