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Menu fully translated

July 17, 2023 — BarryK

What this means, is whatever language you choose at first bootup, the menu at bottom-left of the tray will have all entries in your chosen language.

Apart from menu translations already submitted, there also translations for all languages supported by Google Translate. This has been done automatically, over a few days. Here are recent commits to show what has been happening:

Automatic translation is not perfect. EasyOS, like Puppy, at least the traditional puppies, has menu entries in the format of application name followed by two or three words that explain what it does. For example, "Firefox web browser". If that text string is fed into Google Translate, in most cases the result looks OK, but not always. I don't have the expertise to fix those that don't look OK, that will be up to anyone who wants to fix them with MoManager.    

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