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Package udisks2 compiled in OE

July 04, 2023 — BarryK

I was investigating the Dolphin file manager flatpak, as Federico has reported that it has many limitations. One major limitation is that it cannot access any drive partitions. It looks like the 'udisks2' package is required.

A very long time ago, I took a look at udisks, and decided that I didn't want anything to do with it. But it looks like KDE apps want it. OK, so I embarked on the journey of compiling it in OpenEmbedded/Yocto ...several hours later, got it done.

The first hurdle is that 'udisks2' requires 'polkit', but Easy does not have polkit, nor do I want to introduce it. I found a patch to remove polkit dependency -- curiously, although it was committed to the udisks2 source soon after version 2.9.2 was released, the main developer took it out. Anyway, I found it and have used it.

The dependencies of udisks2 want 'lvm2', which is very big. Actually, all they really need is 'libdevmapper', so I modified OE recipes to only require libdevmapper, or rather a package I named 'libdevmapper2'.

Here are the new packages:


I don't know if want to have that lot builtin. 'btrfs-tools' might be good, for use with Gparted.

At this stage will not have them builtin. If anyone wants to play with Dolphin and udisks2, go for it. I will upload the new packages and they will be in the "oe-kirkstone" repo via PKGget.   

Tags: easy