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QtEmu GUI for QEMU compiled in OE

July 17, 2023 — BarryK

There has been some great work posted to the forum on using QEMU in EasyOS. I reckon one or more GUIs would be nice, so have compiled QtEmu.

This is QtEmu version 2.2. The original 1.x series last release was 1.0.5 in 2007, so is a dead project. It also requires Qt4. The 2.x version is a rewrite, for Qt5. Here is the homepage of the old 1.x version:

The 2.x version does not have any translations, it is English only. Here is the 2.x project page:

I have added "Virtual Machines" in the "System" tab in EasySetup, that will run QtEmu:


There is very basic documentation, and it looks like we will need to create configuration files for running particular OSs. That's something that can be done after the next release of EasyOS.

Here is an earlier blog post about compiling QEMU in OE:

Federico has posted some guidance about QEMU to the forum here:    

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