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Reduce entries in EasySetup when running in container

July 21, 2023 — BarryK

If you click the "kirkstone" icon, the complete EasyOS desktop will run in a container. Inappropriate entries are removed from the menu; however, the same was not done with EasySetup.

Click on "setup" icon on the desktop and EasySetup runs. This now will have reduced entries when run in a container. In fact, the entire "EasyOS" tab is empty:


Also, lots of other little fixes have been committed in the last couple of days:

remove gparted.desktop if running in a container

easysetup: reduce entries if running in a container

fix when flip to icon-free-desktop

move /usr/local/bin/pkgget to /usr/sbin and change to a script change icon-free-desktop image

fix black background when switch to jwm-mode desktop

remove other references to jwmdesk

easyjwm: remove references to "jwmdesk"

As indicated by the above links, there were some issues when flip to icon-free-desktop and back to icons-on-desktop. Some icons in the tray were wrong, and was getting a black wallpaper in icon-free-desktop mode.   

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