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Translate .desktop files in packages-templates

July 13, 2023 — BarryK

I have posted in the past couple of days about 'packages-templates' folder in woofQ:

Folder packages-templates has about 180 .desktop files, and most of those are English-only. I wrote a couple of scripts that will translate all of these .desktop files:

And translated them:

This morning, I was about to release Easy 5.4.7; however, testing on my old Compaq Presario, with Core2 CPU, KeePassXC crashed with "illegal instruction". Hmmm, why would that be, as it was compiled in OE, with CPU set to 'nocona' which is the oldest Intel 64-bit CPU?

Unless, perhaps there is assembly language code in KeePassXC, that is forcing use of an instruction that is not in older CPUs. That would be very bad.

I will compile KeePassXC running Easy on the Compaq, see how that goes.   

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