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Argon2 illegal instruction problem again

August 15, 2023 — BarryK

I posted about this problem, and a fix, about a month ago:

Easy 5.4.10 is built with the argon2 PET package that I compiled in the Compaq Presario. OK, this has a very old CPU, an Intel Core2, and I did test the 'argon2' binary in the Compaq and it worked.

Well, the Core2 CPU has, I think, one more machine instruction than the very earliest 64-bit CPU released by Intel, the Nocona CPU. But, you really have to be going back a long way to have a PC with Nocona CPU.

So, I was puzzled when Caramel reported that "illegal instruction" problem again, running Easy 5.4.10:

I checked in woofQ, and yes, the '3buildeasydistro' script copies the 'argon2' statically-linked-with-musl binary to rootfs-complete/sbin, whereas the PET has it at rootfs-complete/usr/bin

Did a quick fix, modified '3buildeasydistro' to copy the statically-linked 'argon2' to overwrite the one from the PET.

There is still a potential problem though, as KeePassXC uses*, which is in the PET.

Anyway, here is the quick fix:   

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