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Chromium version 113.0.5672.126 compiled in OE

August 07, 2023 — BarryK

I am compiling Chromium browser from the recipes maintained by these guys:

However, compile of 114.0.5735.198 failed, as 'libva' version 2.15.0 or greater is required:

Oh man, 'libva' 2.14.0 was only released on February 22, 2022, just over a year and a half ago. So Chromium is now not going to work on distros with older 'libva' -- or rather, might not work properly, or might even crash -- if you try and run a pre-compiled binary Chromium.

EasyOS 5.4.9 has Chromium 112.0.5615.165. I have compiled 113.0.5672.126, will use that for the next release of Easy. It compiled overnight, took 9 hours and 10 minutes on my Lenovo Ideacentre with i3 CPU and 32GB RAM.

At this stage, don't want to bump 'libva' in OE, as it is a dependency for other packages, and the OE build system will then insist on recompiling all packages that have 'libva' as dependency.

Will wait, it may be that someone will identify what commit to the Chromium source requires 'libva' 2.15.0 and creates a patch to revert it. ...hopeful.   

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