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Milo tin for alcohol stove project

August 15, 2023 — BarryK

Continuing the alcohol stove project:

Well well, I found a tin exactly the right size, at the local Coles supermarket. It is 700g "Milo Pro":


I used to drink Milo as a child. Have transferred it into a jar, now looks like will have to get into drinking it again. As a hot drink in the evening will be nice.

The Milo tin dimensions are perfect. The tin is slightly higher than the aluminium construction, but that is exactly what I want. Serendipitous!

Have drawn up the plans for the construction, using SolveSpace. This will be a complete DIY alcohol stove with simmer adjustment. Had to order a few bits and pieces off eBay, so will be about a week away before can commence the build.

Those Speedster alcohol burners can easily be constructed, so also have ordered some ceramic wool, fine stainless steel mesh and 30ml aluminium cans. There are YouTube videos that show how to do it:

Here is the Speedster 30ml burner:


Up until recently, I went along with the established doctrine that these simple burners are the least efficient, despite my own tests showing otherwise. Then I saw this video, that finally has thrown out the false information about efficiency:

...testing an X-Boil burner, which is same principle as the Speedster. The simplest burner is great!    

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