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Aborted release of EasyOS Kirkstone-series version 5.5

September 10, 2023 — BarryK

In the early hours of this morning, everything seemed OK and uploaded version 5.5. My current host system is 5.4.9, so tested an update; clicked the "update" icon and that went OK, but after rebooting:

switch_root: Can't execute /sbin/init: No such file or directory

I am so much less than enamoured with usr-merge.

Anyway, have removed the 5.5 upload. Will figure out what is wrong, but as mentioned in the previous post, the binaries compiled in OE with the "usrmerge" setting, will not run on a non-usr-merge host system. So, as well as fixing the above problem, will do a recompile in OE without that setting.

The target system can still be usr-merge. Binaries compiled for non-usr-merge will work in a usr-merge environment!

For the record, this is how I rolled back to 5.4.9. I booted a different installation of EasyOS, then in the installation with broken 5.5 update, did this:

removed releases/5.5 folder.
replaced 'initrd' and 'vmlinuz' with files from releases/easy-5.4.9
removed easy-5.5-amd64.img
removed .session/etc/DISTRO_SPECS

Then booted it and all OK. Instead, did an update to 5.4.10, that went OK.

I know why the switch_root failed, will fix it. Still undecided whether to recompile in OE.       

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