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EasyOS Kirkstone-series version 5.5 released

September 12, 2023 — BarryK

Version 5.4.10 was released on August 8, 2023, see announcement:

If you are new to EasyOS, read the 5.4 release announcement as it has getting-started links:

Version 5.5 release notes:

The biggest news item is the move to "usr-merge". A brief introduction to the concept is in this post:

Another change is promotion of Figaro's Password Manager as the default pw manager, with icon in the tray. It is the lock symbol:



For an existing installation, as usual click the "update" icon to download a smaller "difference file". However, these are about 500MB, very big. This is mostly due to the many changes in the folder hierarchy.

There is a fast download mirror in Europe, courtesy of NLUUG:

Feedback is welcome in the EasyOS section of the Puppy Forum:

Have fun!

EDIT 2023-09-13:
A quick bugfix, version 5.5.1 released:        

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