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woofQ support to build with Void .xbps packages

September 02, 2023 — BarryK

Had better report on this, as rapid changes. Already posted about mime handling for .xbps packages:

The target is to build EasyOS from Void Linux .xbps packages. The great thing is that heaps of work has been done for this in Woof-CE.

Void Linux support goes back to around 2016, see this thread created by old-forum member mistfire:

...that was just for the PPM. More recently, wiak and rockedge have created "FirstRib", "WeeDog" and "KLV" pup-derivatives based on Void Linux, also using the XBPS package manager. A few of many links:

Forum member peebee has build VoidPup from Woof-CE:

...with considerable assistance from jamesbond, wiak, rockedge and others.

That's great, I have copied some parts out of Woof-CE to woofQ, and added more features. Here are commits so far:

Nothing tested yet, and more work is required.      

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