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Fix Limine Installer search path

October 15, 2023 — BarryK

One feature of Limine Installer is that it is able to search for installed Linuxes and generate entries for 'limine.cfg'.

Forum member nnriyer found a bug:

Thanks for reporting that. Fixed, see github commit:

Looking at the code, I saw another bug; Limine only recognizes ext2/3/4 and fat12/16/32 filesystems. However, the 'find-installations' script searches also ntfs and f2fs filesystems, looking for Linux kernels. Fixed, see commit:

...this is a limitation of Limine; if a Linux installation has kernel and initramfs files not in ext2/3/4 or fat12/16/32 filesystem, then Limine will not be able to boot it.

For those new to Limine, here is an introduction page:     

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