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iotop-py compiled in OE

October 13, 2023 — BarryK

iotop is a great little ncurses-based utility to see what programs are performing I/O. Very handy to see what programs are writing to disk, how often and how much.

There are two different iotop projects; one is written in C, the other in python. I have tested the C version, but found it performs oddly; in my notes, wrote that the "-a" commandline option doesn't work correctly.

So, using the python version. It does need to be compiled as has a shared library written in C. I left it out of the Kirkstone-series as it failed to compile in OE, whereas it did compile in the older Dunfell-series. Here is the iotop python-version homepage:

Today had another look at the recipe in OE, and fixed it. It will be in the next release of Easy, 5.5.5, launched via the "System" menu, or via the "apps" desktop icon.   

Tags: easy