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October 11, 2023 — BarryK

With the release of 5.5.2, EasyOS dropped NetworkManager (NM) and 'network-manager-applet' tray applet, replaced with the updated traditional Puppy network tools; Internet Connection Wizard, Network Wizard (Netwiz), pgprs, and Simple Network Setup (SNS).

They are nice, in particular, in particular SNS; however, there are still issues, as discussed:

What prompted the change to these traditional tools is that NetworkManager does not work in EasyVoid; Easy built with Void Linux packages. Or more correctly, NM does does work except for wifi; it just reports "device not ready". I was unable to find out why. If you search for "networkmanager wifi device not ready" there are lots of hits; this is a very common problem, in some cases resolved due to missing firmware.

SNS works great in EasyVoid.

I recently received an email with a suggestion that might fix NM, so will get back to EasyVoid sometime.

Anyway, for the Kirkstone-series, NetworkManager works great, so returning to it.   

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