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Kernel 5.15.138 compiled and NVIDIA SFSs updated

November 16, 2023 — BarryK

Easy 5.6.2 has the 5.15.137 Linux kernel. I was intending to stay with that kernel version for sometime, as there are inconveniences when bump the kernel. However, forum member don570 reported that some NVIDIA kernel modules are missing:

Yes, when I compiled the NVIDIA driver, disabled "peermem" and "uvm". So, have bumped the kernel to 5.15.138 and modified the script that compiles NVIDIA to enable those two missing features.

So now there are NVIDIA SFSs compiled for the 5.15.138 kernel:

...which you can install via SFSget (via the "pkg" icon) when running Easy 5.6.3. Or, if you have already installed the NVIDIA SFS in Easy 5.6.2, then when update Easy (via the "update" icon) then there should, in theory, be an offer to also update the NVIDIA SFS. This mechanism was reported several days ago:

The intention now is when Easy 5.6.3 is released, with 5.15.138 kernel, to stay with that kernel version well into the future.

Here are the kernel and nvidia sources, patches and build scripts:

It looks like Easy 5.6.3 will be released soon.    

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