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OpenEmbedded revision-5 build with Firefox

November 03, 2023 — BarryK

EasyOS releases up until now, the 5.x releases, have Chromium browser builtin. Mostly the reason for that was able to compile Chromium in OE, and unable to compile Firefox. Chromium is considerably bigger, which is one reason why I would prefer the builtin browser to be something other.

Chromium is well supported, Firefox neglected, in the "meta-browser" layer in OE, see github:

However, I recently discovered "OldManYellsAtCloud" fork of meta-browser, with updated support for Firefox:

...there are issues discussed about compatibility with the Kirkstone release of OE, which are now resolved. I succeeded in compiling FF 119.0, and contributed my experiences:

Have not yet tested that FF works will be a shame if it segfaults at startup! Assuming it does work, intend to make FF the builtin default in the next release of Easy.   

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