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Planner project planner compiled in OE

November 14, 2023 — BarryK

Planner was in earlier series of EasyOS, but got left out of the Kirkstone-series, as failed to compile in OpenEmbedded. However, today I fixed the recipe, see OE github commit:

This is version 0.14.6, in 2011, the last official release. See the homepage:


But no, it doesn't say on the homepage, but Gnome does have 0.14.91 source available:

It continues to be maintained by Debian devs, and in 2018 I got lots of patches (for 0.14.6) from Debian and used them in the OE build:

Planner is a nice little app. I used to include it builtin in EasyOS, Quirky and Puppy, as it rounds-out the suite of business applications very nicely. And it is fairly small. So, pleased to have it back again. Have added it to the builtin package-list.

Decided to remove BlueGriffon WYSIWG HTML editor. Partly because it is a x86_64 binary PET package that we are no longer able to compile; also it has some issues, such as cannot read https:// sites.

Back on the subject of Planner, the Debian version changes can be seen here:

Very interesting. In OE, I am still back at 0.14.6 with the 2018 patches, which, as far as I know, works fine. But, notice one thing; the Debian devs have removed the dependency on 'libgomecanvas', which is a very old gtk2 thing. Also 'libglade' dependency is gone and the source has migrated to gtk3.

So that is a to-do for the future; update the OE build to use Debian's latest. It is good that Debian devs have kept this project alive. Version, 0.14.91-3, in Debian Unstable, shows the dependencies:     

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