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Recumbent trike on the Munda Biddi Trail

November 28, 2023 — BarryK

The Munda Biddi Trail is for bicycles. It very roughly follows parallel to the Bibbulmun Track, which is for walkers. The Munda Biddi Trail is 1067km, extending from Mundaring (just outside Perth) down to Albany on the Western Australian South Coast:


I aways thought that it would be unsuitable for a recumbent trike, as it is really designed for mountain bikes. The trail varies from fire-roads, to narrow rocky tracks, to sand tracks, and in places very steep. Yes, even the official website says recumbents are not suitable:

However, I was reading this page, and there was mention that someone did the entire length on a tadpole recumbent trike:

I followed the link, to "Every Which Way But Lost" YouTube channel. I don't know his name. He retired from a military career, it looks like about four years ago, and is now touring the world on his Azub full-suspension trike. Here is the link:

The video is 40 minutes; I watched all of it. Very interesting; he did a lot of pushing...


...knobbly fat tyres would have helped. But then, his trike has to be multi-purpose, and knobbly fat tyres are not the best on roads.

After reaching Albany, he went across the Nullarbor Plain to the East Coast of Australia, which is also a very interesting video. Here are all his videos:

I was curious how he managed to fly with his trike. He showed a video how he packed it when flying from Bali to Australia:

...I wonder what that cost?   

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