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Trying to fix console keymap stuck on us

November 25, 2023 — BarryK

Forum member vVerve reported a problem with the virtual keyboard app xvkbd; he wanted French, but it was something else. Trying to figure out the cause of the problem, I asked what is in /etc/keymap:

...he replied that it has "us".

There are various places where the keyboard layout is asked for. In the initrd at pristine very first bootup, in the QuickSetup window after have the desktop in very first bootup. And, anytime after, can run QuickSetup from the menu "Setup -> QuickSetup", or from the menu "Setup -> Mouse/Keyboard setup" -- or via the "setup" icon on the desktop; "Hardware -> HID".

Whatever route is taken to choose keyboard layout, it results in writing to /etc/keymap

There is, however, a potential conflict. When keyboard layout is asked for at first bootup in the initrd, the choice gets saved in /mnt/wkg/sfs/settings/initrd/CONFIG

These two should remain synced, but they can get out of sync, causing a problem, including perhaps /etc/keymap getting reset to "us".

I have made some changes to keep them sync'ed:   

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