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Download Chrome browser in menu

December 15, 2023 — BarryK

The latest release of EasyOS has Chromium browser builtin, with menu entries to download Firefox or Vivaldi, for those who would prefer not to use Chromium.

For the next release of EasyOS, I am thinking of going back to Firefox builtin, as have resolved some problems with it.

So, for those who would prefer Chrome or a Chromium-based browser, I intended to have more choices in the menu. To start the ball rolling, have created '', a package that will create "Download latest Chrome" in the menu, as shown:


...choosing that, will probe online for the latest version of Chrome available, and either perform a new install or offer to update an existing installation. After install, the entry "Chrome web browser" will appear in the menu.

The user can choose "Download latest Chrome" at any time, to check if there is a later version, and if so, download it. I decided to do it this way, manually via the menu, for consistency with the other browsers. Consequently, updating has been disabled from within the browser.

Chrome, like the others, runs as its own user; "chrome", with home /home/chrome.

I will probably add one more, a Chromium-based browser, maybe Brave.    

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