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mdview markdown viewer updated

January 27, 2024 — BarryK

Forum member jamesbond is the developer of mdview. Here is his original documentation in 2015:

Forum member don570 informed me that EasyOS has a very old version. Yes, James has been updating it, and the latest is using gtk3. I downloaded the 2023.12.12 source tarball, with the intention of compiling it in OpenEmbedded.

I upload source packages to ...except that ssh login is currently not working. Not just me, others cannot login either:

We are so reliant on all of these services to work! Just today I was watching a documentary how reliant we are on undersea fibre-optic cables; we would be paralyzed if a hostile entity cut them.

To compile the source in OE, need to give a URL for the source. Well, could get it direct from Jame's Fossil repository. Anyway, have uploaded the source tarball to this blog:


Very interesting the other old projects that James is maintaining:     

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