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Package name translation OE to Void

January 31, 2024 — BarryK

easyVoid is built with many packages from EasyOS Kirkstone-series. These are packages compiled in OpenEmbedded. woofV will build easyVoid from Void .xbps, Kirkstone .tar.xz and .pet packages. The build process converts the .tar.xz and .pet packages to .xbps and then installed with the XBPS package manager. At least, that's the plan.

One important step to avoid confusing XBPS is that the .tar.xz-converted packages should have the same name as one that might already be in the Void package repository. For example, OE names all packages lower-case, such as 'libxau', whereas Void names it 'libXau'. Another example is hyphen inserted, for example 'psc-lite' and 'psclite'.

Note that mostly Kirkstone packages are used when the same does not exist in the Void repository, such as 'rox-filer', so naming is not an issue. In a few cases though, such as 'networkmanager', have chosen the Kirkstone package instead of the Void 'NetworkManager'.

I wrote a script that finds these equivalent packages but with different names, and have uploaded translation tables here:

Slowly but surely working toward woofV becoming functional. As long as no show-stopper comes along.    

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