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Tweak Kirkstone package db format

January 28, 2024 — BarryK

The "Puppy package database" format goes right back to the early days of Puppy, and still used in EasyOS. This is what 'petget' and 'PKGget' (PPM) understand. For a pup built with, say, Debian .deb packages, the Debian package database is converted to Puppy-db format.

The pup-db format is very simple; each package db entry is on one line. In the case of EasyOS Kirkstone-series, the binary packages are imported from OpenEmbedded and file 'Packages-oe-kirkstone-official' create, which is the pup-db format. You can find this file in /root/.packages. Here is one line of that file:

acl-2.3.1-r6|acl|2.3.1|r6|BuildingBlock|628K|kirkstone|acl-2.3.1-r6-nocona-64.tar.xz|+attr|Utilities for managing POSIX Access Control Lists|oe|kirkstone||

The tweak that I have made, is that it used to be (up until EasyOS 5.6.5):

acl-2.3.1-r6|acl|2.3.1-r6||BuildingBlock|628K|kirkstone|acl-2.3.1-r6-nocona-64.tar.xz|+attr|Utilities for managing POSIX Access Control Lists|oe|kirkstone||

...that fourth field is supposed to contain the package revision-number, or build-number. However, I hadn't separated the "-r6" from the third field, the version number.

It is a small change, just making it more as originally intended. Hopefully this fix won't upset any scripts.   

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