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hostname utility missing from Void repository

February 01, 2024 — BarryK

Thanks to the guys testing EasyShare in easyVoid, they are discovering problems. Caramel has reported that the 'hostname' utility does not work. easyVoid has the busybox 'hostname' applet, that is missing the required "-I" commandline option.

Caramel discovered that the Void package repository has packages 'net-tools-hostname' and 'inetutils-hostname' have variants of hostname utility:

...neither of which have the "-I" option.

I checked the Debian package repo, at, and they have package 'hostname', which has utility 'hostname'; this is the same package as used in EasyOS Kirkstone. And it supports the all-important "-I".

So, for the next release of easyVoid, it will have the 'hostname' package from the Kirkstone repository.    

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