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pMusic updated to version

February 23, 2024 — BarryK

pMusic is an audio player created by zigbert; see forum:

The EasyOS "noarch" PET repository had pMusic version 6.9.3; however, has some fixes.

I have modified the PET to make it more compatible with EasyOS, and merged '' into it. Also added translations to the menu entry. Uploaded here:

EasyOS has Audacious 3.x audio player, which requires gtk2. However, the Void repository has Audacious version 4.x, which requires qt6 -- actually, I think that it is a compile choice, gtk3, qt5 or qt6, and Void has chosen the latter. I don't want to bring in all the qt6 packages, so have decided to have pMusic as the builtin audio player for easyVoid. Note, could have used Audacious from the Kirkstone package repository; however, want to minimize using Kirkstone packages, due to possible dependency mismatches.  

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