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woofV-built easyVoid 240224 working well

February 24, 2024 — BarryK

Previous post in the woofV project: posted before, woofV now builds a drive-image that can be written to a usb-stick and it boots to a desktop.

I have worked on a few bugs, and the "240224" build is looking real good. Normal-looking desktop:


There are still some bugs, but so far only found minor ones. A couple of strange entries in the menu. A couple of minor broken things.

Not a bug, but undesired; XBPS has installed 'lxterminal' and 'cellwriter' -- these are not in the woofV package list, but they must be dependencies of some packages, and XBPS has automatically installed all required deps.

Xorg has chosen the 'intel' driver, which on my Lenovo desktop causes font rendering issues. I have to exit to the commandline and run "xorgwizard", and it offers to change from "sna" to "uxa" rendering, which fixes it.

'easy.sfs' is big, 844MB, and the drive-image file, 'easy-240224-amd64.img', is 905MB. Compare with easyVoid 6.0.3, easy.sfs is 798MB. The latter is built with WoofQ, the former with woofV. The woofV build populates 'easy.sfs' using the XBPS package manager, which pulls in extra dependencies -- such as 'lxterminal' and 'cellwriter'.

I'm very keen to start converting PKGget to become a GUI frontend to XBPS, but first have to work on the various issues mentioned above.

Should mention; XBPS works great in the running easyVoid 240224. I ran 'xbps-install' in a terminal and installed a couple of audio players.    

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