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woofV populate rootfs

February 17, 2024 — BarryK

Continuing the "woofV" project, here is the previous post:

In /usr/local/woofV/rootfs, there will be these scripts:


They will be executed in sequence, and I am currently working on '4populate-rootfs'.

What this script does, is read the list of packages to be installed from file 'woof-installed-packages-dep-order', and use the XBPS package management system to install them.

They don't have to be only .xbps packages; PET .pet and Kirkstone .tar.xz packages can also be installed. These foreign packages are converted to .xbps so that XBPS can install them.

There is also a "packages-templates" section, in /usr/local/woofV/pkg-fix, which specifies that some packages may be opened up and modified before installing.

'4populate-rootfs' will populate /mnt/wkg/data/woofV/rootfs, and it is basically working. However, there are still some bugs. Will work on those tomorrow. The scripts can be found here:

5-, 6- and 7- scripts have been roughed-out only, not yet tested and will definitely need some work.   

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