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woofV splitting packages into exe dev doc

February 01, 2024 — BarryK

Woof, from the very early days, has script '2createpackages', that opens up each package, applying packages-templates if required, and generally getting it ready to copy into the rootfs. That last step is done by script '3builddistro'.

Another thing that '2createpackages' does is split the package up into "exe", "dev", "doc" and "nls" folders. The "dev" folders are what go into creating the devx SFS.

The splitting code is the same in WoofQ as in the early Woof v1; very slow and cumbersome. Woof-CE testing-branch has improved the script considerably:

With woofV, it has turned out that I am rewriting Woof from scratch, including how the package splitting is implemented. I have written this script that does the actual splitting:

Void .xbps packages are already split; the development packages have "-devel" appended to their name. However, kirkstone package have everything in the one package, and need to have the development files taken out -- that is primarily what the 'pkg-split' script is for.

Taking documentation files out of .xbps packages is a problem. I don't want to have to open up everyone then rebuild it; a big hassle and would slow down building the rootfs considerably. So I'm going to cheat, and just delete the documentation files in the rootfs, before it gets made into 'easy.sfs'.

It does mean that each package information file in the XBPS database, is going to be missing some files. I am hoping that does not upset XBPS management.     

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