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XBPS utilities work with PKGget

March 06, 2024 — BarryK

Here is the previous woofV project post:

PKGget is a GUI frontend for XBPS, but actually the "Puppy database" format is still the intermediary. There are still /root/.packages/woof-installed-packages, user-installed-packages, Packages-* and *.files files, just like any normal pup.

Testing today, looking good when using the GUI; however, if the user wants to run the XBPS utilities directly in a terminal, any change such as install a package by running "xbps-install" or removed by running "xbps-remove", does not update the "puppy format" information in /root/.packages, hence the change does not appear in the GUI.

To fix this I have created /etc/profile.d/xbps-aliases:

Which will run wrapper scripts:

Currently not supporting 'vpm'.

There are other ways to do it. Could create a daemon, that does an inotify wait on the XBPS 'pkgdb-0.38.plist' installed-packages file and the repository database files. Anyway, will see how this alias method works.

EDIT 2024-03-07:
No problem with vpm; it should work fine with these aliases.

vpm is a bash script, intended to make XBPS management easier. See project:

Personally, I find the XBPS utilities easy to use, don't see any need for vpm. Anyway, it will be in easyVoid.

Interesting, I see that there is vpsm:       

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