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Trike 320 frame rear fork large gap

June 13, 2024 — BarryK

I have posted many times about this tadpole recumbent trike that I purchased direct from the manufacturer in China. It is a TrikExplor/Motrike with 320 frame. They have variant models with that same frame. There is a photo of the trike here:

Here it is again:


Overall, it is reasonable quality, except for one thing; mounting of the rear wheel.

The frame is aluminium, including the rear fork. It is similar to bicycles; there is a quick-release skewer that goes through. Here is a photo showing what these skewers look like (my hub is 135mm):


You tighten it a bit, then flip the lever to lock the wheel hub to the fork. Except, I can't. Here is what it looks like before tightening the quick-release skewer:


Right, so I tighten the thread on the quick-release skewer as much as possible, then flip the lever:


...the wheel is supposed to be fully-seated, such that the fork presses against the wheel hub. But there is 2mm gap.

The rear fork is strong, I can only flex it together so much. The quick-release skewer has a thread on the other end, but that is only a plastic knob, and the skewer is only a 4-5mm rod. Not intended to be tightened with great force.

Of course, I complained about this, sent them an email. This was the reply:

i checked with engineer, he said can put some washers

Hmmm... The seating for the hub is only 5mm, even less on the other side. I don't think that I would put a washer on the other side, as perhaps it would compromise the derailleur gear mechanism. That would mean a 2mm washer on the non-gear side. Hmmm again.

Try and tighten the skewer even more? I am afraid of breaking the plastic knob.

So, I'm wondering if can get away with bending the forks slightly together. Aluminium is generally more brittle than steel, but it depends on what additives are in the aluminium. I presume that this trike frame would have a fairly malleable aluminium formulation. So maybe can clamp the forks together, just enough to bend a few millimetres.

Anyone reading this with knowledge about properties of aluminium? A small bend doable, without weakening the forks?

EDIT 2024-06-21:
We successfully bent the fork, so problem solved. Blog post:       

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