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Bash plate for trike

July 09, 2024 — BarryK

Continuing the tadpole recumbent trike customization project, here is the previous blog post:

The front suspension has been re-assembled, hopefully permanently and there can be progress with building the rest of the trike.

Before turning the trike right-side-up, I constructed a "bash plate". Not that I envisage going into rugged terrain that will need underneath bash protection; it is mostly part of mounting for extra storage space. Hence the extra holes:



...those two stand-offs are welded on. The mild steel bar is 48x2mm section. Another piece of scrap found at the workshop.

There are already two holes on the front-suspension frame. These were intended for the sophisticated steering linkage that I had originally envisaged; but then decided it is too complicated so built a simplified and somewhat compromised steering linkage instead. Thus freeing-up those holes for some other purpose. Here is the bash plate mounted:


Before turning it right-side-up, will make an aluminium adapter to anchor the backside end of the bash plate to the steering pivot.  

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