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Chromium 126.0.6478.126 compiled in OE

July 09, 2024 — BarryK

I have to compile it, as the official x86_64 package from Google don't support all the video codecs required to play videos at YouTube. Which would be Google's way of persuading us to move to Chrome.

There are other binary builds out there, but for security I would prefer to compile it myself.

There are Chromium binary packages from relatively trusted repositories, such as Debian; however, they are compiled with more and different dependencies. Compiling it myself, it links to shared libraries available in EasyOS, so there is a perfect match and a smaller package.

The downside is that Chromium is a monster to compile. Needs a huge amount of RAM, especially at the final link step; my Lenovo PC has 32GB. My Lenovo is the main daily workhorse, and while the Chromium build is going on, don't want to disturb it too much by doing other things.

Timed the build; about 26 hours. That would be plus or minus about half an hour, as didn't see exactly when it finished.

This Chromium will be builtin, in easy.sfs, in the next release of EasyOS.   

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