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Ten reasons not to move to China

July 10, 2024 — BarryK

I have posted about foreigners living in China, showing what it is like from the inside.

Lizzie is one of those. She is from South Africa and is teaching English in China. Her posts in channel "Because I'm Lizzie" are very positive about China; except for this one, "10 reasons NOT to move to China!". Ha ha, very frank, and I can relate to some of her posts. This is the link:


It is going back awhile, I visited India many times, the longest stay about 3 months. In regional areas, foreigners always attract attention, you are always the foreigner. I stayed with some Indian people in a regional city, and as my habit back in Australia, I was going for a daily walk -- until my hosts told me not to, as I was attracting attention. Like, people commenting, why is that foreigner snooping around, or words to that effect.

Lizzie has learnt Chinese. Ha ha, easier said than done! Mandarin is said to be one of the most difficult languages to learn. I'm reminded of an American living in China who posts business-related topics on YouTube. His channel is "Inside China Business". He gave up trying to learn Mandarin; said that no one could understand what he said. Here is his post "Welcome to Inside China Business":


...a short distance in, he explains about the language problem. Very interesting channel.   

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