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4.1.2: Almost there

December 06, 2008 — BarryK
That's enough. The bugfixes so far are all fairly simple, unlikely to cause any side-effects, so I'll do a couple days testing then probably upload 4.1.2. Any other issues can be tackled by the 4.2 team (or anyone else who wants to bring out an enhanced release based on 4.1.2).

Here are the 4.1.2 fixes:



Reinstate pfix=noram?
Username: disciple
"Any chance of reinstating pfix=noram? Today yet another person is asking if its absence is a bug.

Username: bee
"Quitting pfind by closing its window will leave the process running. Quitting by selecting Quit works correctly. Is this a bug? Is it known? -- Bill Santa Cruz, California

Want to include VisiHex?
Username: Mike Lockmoore
"I've developed a GTK hexadecimal file viewer. The beta is posted at Have you seen it yet? Would you have any interest in including it in Puppy 4.1.2?

Hex viewer
Username: BarryK
"Mike, A GTK hex viewer would be a nice addition to Puppy. I'm not putting anything into 4.1.2, it's strictly a bugfix upgrade. But your app is a contender for 4.2.

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