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EasyDD, frontend for dd

October 05, 2017 — BarryK

I was a busy beaver last night and today, have written EasyDD.

EasyDD is a GUI frontend to the 'dd' uility. It also works from the commandline.

Over the last few months, I have observed on the Puppy Forum, some people making mistakes with 'dd'.

Also, I am wanting to simplify the instructions for writing of the downloaded EasyOS image file to a USB-stick. With EasyDD, this can now be done in a terminal, for example:

# easydd easy-0.5-amd64.img.gz sdb    

To see cli instructons:

# easydd --help    

Or, to get the full GUI, which will ask for source and destination:

# easydd    

The good thing is, it does a lot of sanity checking, making it much harder to go wrong.

EasyDD will be in the next release of EasyOS, with a menu entry, in "Setup" category.

However, you can play with it now. Download from here:

Note, this first version only does one thing, write an image file to a drive. The image file can be compressed or not.

Of course, considering the power off 'dd', use it at your own risk. I have been using it, and it seems OK, but I still need to put in this disclaimer.

EDIT 2020-06-16:
EasyDD has been considerably enhanced since first created, and there is an introduction page, with download link:  

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