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EasyDD improved, instructions uploaded

October 09, 2017 — BarryK

I am filling the gap in the tutorials for EasyOS. There is more to be done, but one big gap is the lack of a simple Linux tool to write the EasyOS image-file to a USB-drive.

I have improved EasyDD, so that in CLI (commandline) mode, it will run on any Linux distro. The improved EasyDD can be downloaded from here:

Although it is extremely easy to use, some instructions are necessary, especially if you are somewhat unfamiliar with using Linux from the commandline, or using some other Linux distribution that obfuscates this kind of operation. Here is the simple how-to:

So, it should be a simple matter of downloading the image-file, run the script, or if running Windows, there are GUI apps available to write the image-file to the USB-stick.

The next thing to do is to get your PC to boot the USB-stick, and the above how-to has a link to a tutorial. Repeating it here:

Have fun!

EDIT 2017-10-09:

EasyDD has been improved, and at a new download location. There is also a new how-to. See this blog post:

EDIT 2020-06-16:
EasyDD has been considerably enhanced since first created, and there is an introduction page, with download link: 

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