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Quicksamba one-stop-shop for sharing

December 16, 2017 — BarryK

As I posted about a couple of days ago, I am getting into using Samba for the very first time:

it is good that I am approaching this from a beginners perspective, as I am seeing where there is awkwardness and uncertainty in setup and usage.

Consequently, I am creating QuickSamba, a frontend GUI that takes care of everything. It consists of stages, like a checklist, starting with do you have connection to a local network, is your firewall configured properly, is Samba configured properly, then there is the scanning for and accessing of remote shares.

QuickSamba presents each of these stages and 'ticks off" each one as correct, or won't go any further if not. In this snapshot, everything is ticked-off so that local shares are available, but there are no remote shares:


I will probably put some more of those little help buttons in the window. The one already there explains how the local share can be accessed by other computers on the network.

I have modified 01micko's Simple Samba Management, which is launched from the "Samba Setup" button. One modification is that it has entry boxes for changing the password from "woofwoof".

I have got detection of remote shares working, using smbnetfs. This is a Samba filesystem using fuse. Not sure whether will stick with it, as just learning, but it seems ok.

Note, if a Linux computer only has to communicate with a Windows computer, there is no need for that final "Remote Shares" stage, as the Windows PC will see the shares (and printers) of the Linux PC. So in the above snapshot, /mnt/wkg/home will be available in the Windows PC. That works fine.

As for printing with CUPS, I haven't got a clue. You can see the comment in the snapshot about unblocking the CUPS daemon, however I don't know if that is required. Maybe other computers can access a printer on local computer with that being unblocked.

Anyway, it is a work-in-progress.

Oh, another thing. In Easy, plan to have a new icon on the desktop, named "share", that will launch QuickSamba. As I am embracing Samba, might as well go all the way.

Tags: easy, quirky