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Totolink A2004NS fast wireless/ethernet router

December 20, 2017 — BarryK

A few days ago, I posted about setting up a local network, using an old-ish router:

The Totolink N100R+ has 150mb/s wi-fi and 100mb/s ethernet. OK, but these days we can do a lot better.

I don't recall the price of that N100R+, but I think that it was well under US$30, a few years ago.

I looked around local suppliers, and routers with "ac" class wi-fi and gigabit ethernet are not cheap.

I looked up Totolink online, and found that they sell through Aliexpress. The a2004NS looks great:

Fast wi-fi and ethernet. The usb port is only usb2 though.

It cost US$41.15 including delivery to Australia by "Aliexpress Standard Delivery", and they also have an AU (Australian) Power plug. I opted for the "full package", would have saved a couple of dollars without (the full package would be the retail box).

As I am embracing local networking, and getting into using Samba, looking forward to using this router.

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