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EasyOS version 0.9.6 released

August 06, 2018 — BarryK

Version 0.9.5 has changes to Easy Containers, however that work work has been on hold, as I "jumped tracks" to work on EasyShare, super-easy network file and printer sharing. EasyShare has been re-written, bugs fixed, improvements, and is the main feature of EasyOS 0.9.6.

Between 0.9.5 and 0.9.6, various bugs have been fixed. Just today, at the 12th hour before releasing 0.9.6, fixed a bug in the Xorg Wizard.

One curious thing, Xorg is now defaulting to using the 'modesetting' driver for Intel video hardware. You need to run the Xorg Wizard to explicitly choose the Intel driver.

Some issues regarding 0.9.5 posted to the Puppy Forum, have not yet been resolved, as my attention has been on EasyShare. Will get onto them soon.

There is a new app in 0.9.6, Vovchik's Gxlat language translator, that I posted about recently (look in the Document category in the menu):


The download is an image file to be written to a USB-stick. There are many utilities for doing that. If you need some instruction, read this:

If you wish to read-up on what EasyOS is all about, look here:

Read about 0.9.5 here:

Discussion on EasyOS is happening at this thread of the Puppy Forum, for 0.9.5 start reading from here:

Have fun!

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