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EasyOS x86_64 version 1.0.8 released

February 20, 2019 — BarryK

It has arrived, a new release of EasyOS! The previous x86_64 release was version 1.0, and it is essential to read that announcement:

...most important, as explained in above link, do not download the ISO file, unless your PC is unable to boot from USB. Preferred option is to download and write it to a USB stick. If you don't know how, simple instructions here.

Lots of little improvements since then, and some not-so-little, such as adoption of Alex Suykov's minibase network utilities, which is now the default network manager, given the name "UltraSNS":

There are two non-English builds, French and German, with considerable input provided by L18L and esmourguit (names on the Puppy Forum). There were some other languages built for 1.0.

Esmourguit has been extremely helpful, discovering and fixing a lot of buglets, some of which have been there for a long time, back in the Puppy days. Also, he has internationalised some apps.

Download from here:

EDIT 2019-02-23:

Some bugs found, little annoyances only, nothing serious. Listed here:

If you would like to contribute to the discussion, most action is happening here:

Have fun! 

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