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Inlet pipe design not satisfactory

October 13, 2019 — BarryK

Today I setup a test of the inlet pipe in the solar water distiller prototype #3:


...from the water container, there is an inline filter, then the flow-reducer as described in an earlier post:

Then there is a 13mm-to-4mm trickle-pipe reducer, and silicone tube into the distiller. Water comes out of the top-side of the aluminium square-section channel, so flows along the top before working its way underneath the channel and down the wicking cloth.

The design was a punt. I thought that the spreading effect would work, but didn't know how much. In the photo, the water has trickled down about halfway in the centre, and if you squint at the photo, you might just make out the spread. It is good, but not wide enough to reach the sides of the cloth.

So, need to rethink the design. Two holes would probably do it, but the problem is to get equal water flow through them. I don't want to put any trickle parts inside the distiller, as the temperature might get up to 65 degrees C and the plastic might soften. Thinking to have two flow-reducers externally. 

EDIT 2019-10-14:
Problem solved, see post: 

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