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Two inlet nozzles works

October 14, 2019 — BarryK

I posted yesterday that the inlet design was not spreading the water wide enough:

I have jury-rigged a setup with two nozzles. Externally, from the linline-filter there is a T-junction and two 4 litres/hour drippers, then 4mm trickle pipe taped onto the distiller:


...the 4mm pipes are taped on the up-flow-side of the aluminium channel, so as to flow horizontally somewhat before seeping underneath the channel.

This looks good. I managed  to take the photo at an angle where you can just see how the water has progressed down the cloth. It is covering the width of the cloth. Interesting, it looks like the left-hand outlet has a very slightly higher flow rate.

Next step, redesign the inlet to have two pipes. 

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