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Librem 5 hardware evaluation

November 02, 2019 — BarryK

I have posted about the Librem 5 phone, the last post is here:

I have wondered about whether it is viable from the viewpoint of power consumption, and yesterday came across an evaluation of the Librem 5 hardware design, by an engineer with expertise in the hardware of this field: also raises other concerns.

Will Purism get the phone to a point where it is basically usable? Not have to be recharged twice per day, and able to connect while on the move?

There is mention of the reality not living up to the hype, and this interview with a former employee of Purism is revealing:

Small businesses, of a certain kind, depend on hype for their survival. Hype, spin, whatever word you want to use, to catch people. Quite possibly the ensnared people will be satisfied with the result.

Purism may survive and may actually deliver products that satisfy customers -- well, their laptops seem to be already achieving the latter goal. On the journey between dream and delivery, they need cash, the money must roll in, hence hype, or selling the dream, is essential.

I am reminded of an Australian TV series, "Very small business", about a business named "Worldwide Business Group", that was perpetually on the verge of financial collapse. The guy running this business published obscure magazines that nobody read, and at the start of the series he wanted to hire a journalist -- he found a guy who was a professional journalist but had had a mental breakdown, and was wanting to get back into journalism -- he was taken on on-probation, or whatever word you would use when you work for no pay.

Here is a trailer for the series, very low resolution (144p):

...I think that you need to join i-Tunes to view the full episodes. There was a later series "Back in very small business", that I have not seen.

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