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Jimny 4wd near a Isuzu MUX

January 02, 2020 — BarryK

I have been posting photos of the little Suzuki Jimny 2019-model alongside larger 4wd vehicles. For earlier posts, see here:

Today I found this one, posted to Facebook by Adam Poole, his Jimny behind an Isuzu MUX 4wd:


...I suppose, when someone posts a photo to Facebook, then Facebook owns it? Whatever, hope no one minds it being reproduced here.

It should be noted that the perspective of the photo makes the Jimny look smaller, if they were alongside, the Jimny might not look so small. Anyway, I still find these photos amusing.

It is nice to see those trees, still green. We currently have fires sweeping though vast tracts of bushland here in Australia, with hundreds of homes destroyed and lives lost: 

Actually, so far it is not as bad as 2008-2009, when over 2,000 homes were lost: 

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