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Report on Bluetooth audio goodies from eBay

January 22, 2020 — BarryK

This post to see some Bluetooth audio goodies purchased from eBay:

The Bluetooth USB dongles did not work with Linux. So, I hunted on eBay and found one that claims to work with Linux, AU$8.99, also labelled "CSR 4.0":


...and it does "work" with EasyOS. However, pairing was hit-and-miss. Very oddly, it did pair with my Audiosonic Bluetooth speaker, but would not pair with my Bluetooth mouse, nor keyboard. So, it is one of those cheap Chinese clone chips, pretending to be a "CSR" chip.

Having purchased three USB Bluetooth dongles, with only one partially working, have given up.

The earbuds that I purchased, see top link, do work, however mono only! Same when paired with my Android phone, only mono. That is disappointing. It was cheap, AU$7.59, but gee, to lack stereo is pathetic.

So, took another punt. Purchased this, AU$9.75:


...yes, have got stereo! (tested on my Android phone only so far). Warning, you need a magnifying glass for the user manual!

Looking at the feedback on those earbuds, someone claimed the voice messages where in Chinese, but mine is English -- when it paired, got "connected" spoken in English. Pleased with this purchase, and those little spurs are nice, hold the buds in the ears, should be useful when jogging (not that I do any jogging). 

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