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Simplified 4.19.97 kernel running nicely

January 23, 2020 — BarryK

I posted about issues with the 5.4.x Linux kernel:

So, have conducted an experiment. Compiled the 4.19.97 kernel, configured to be as simple as possible. I took out all "non-PC" support, such as for Chromebooks and Macbooks, and other types of x86 boards. In another age, we used to call our PCs "IBM compatible" -- so basically, the kernel is now only supporting modern equivalents.

Simplified in a few other places, for example, took out support for "alternative security models". Really, don't need that.

Been running it for a few hours, rock solid. Problem is, the 5.4.x kernel, as used in recent EasyOSs, was mostly rock solid also, just occasionally crashing, and very recently, the "hard crash" at startup with version 2.2.5. So, time will tell. 

A couple of weeks ago, I compiled the 4.19.88 kernel, configured as normal, and vmlinuz was 5233KB (it is gzipped). The latest, 4.19.97 simplified, is 5017KB. So, the simplification has had some impact on the size.

Note, the reason that I chose the 4.19.x series, is that is what Debian is using for Buster 10.

Of course, I could try the simplified configuration on the 5.4.x kernel also. 

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