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Various observations before releasing EasyOS 2.2.5

January 22, 2020 — BarryK

I built Easy 2.2.5, booted it from a USB-stick on my desktop PC, and after the desktop was up for about one minute, got a "hard crash" -- the PC spontaneously rebooted. There was a report from one of the Puppy developers of this happening when they moved up to the 5.4.x kernel.

Kernel 5.4.x

With Easy, since progressing to the 5.4.x kernel, there have been occasional screen freezes. More than I am accustomed to with earlier kernels. These freezes have required to press the power button to reboot.

Then there is the issue with the 5.4.13 kernel, reported earlier today:

So, my confidence-level in the Linux kernel is quite low. I feel that Linux kernel development is like a train being driven too fast for the tracks it is running on. I will release 2.2.5 with the 5.4.12 kernel, and if anyone experiences freezes or crashes, let me know.

What I might do, is experiment with another build, with the 4.19.x kernel. This will be a little side project, but might upload it if anyone is interested. Will lose the kernel "lockdown" feature though.

EDIT 2020-01-23:
Another point, that also lowers the confidence-level. I posted about a audio kernel module intended for Chromebooks, loading on my Acer Aspire1 laptop, when it should not have. It broke sound, and I posted a workaround: 

Bluetooth audio

Then there is Bluetooth. My new Bluetooth earbuds work with Easy 2.2.5, see ordering details here:

Fine, but setting up Bluetooth audio is a pain, and reconnecting is a pain, compared with Android. In Blueman, the tray management GUI, after pairing, the extra step of choosing "audio sink" is required. I also have to run Multiple Sound Card Wizard (see Setup menu) to choose it as the default output. Then, if I turn off the earbuds, then on again, there is the voice message in the earbuds "connected" -- however, I then have to reselect "audio sink" in Blueman!

I would rather just use the wired earbuds.

A very negative post! 

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