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EasyOS version 2.2.10 released

February 12, 2020 — BarryK

Versions 2.2.9 and were released a couple of days ago, but have been removed, due to a problem with bluetooth:

See release announcement for 2.2.10 here:

Installation notes here:

Download English, French or German builds:

One of the "interesting" developments is that bootup time, to the desktop, is 2-3 seconds quicker. This is due to removal of an odd little quirk that was used when building for ARM boards:

...udevd now processes kernel uevents, hence module loading, faster.

A repercussion of the faster booting is that 'bluetoothd', the bluetooth daemon, failed to start, as it requires 'dbus-daemon' to have started first. This has been fixed, see here: 


See this thread in the Puppy Forum, all EasyOS posts in this thread only please: 

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